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LIVE FROM 6PM Wednesday 18th.


The rematch has been announced, Horn will be looking to make amends for his loss to Michael Zerafa back in August of this year.

Actioning the rematch clause in the contract, the news was not well received by Zerafa’s camp. Calling out Horn for keeping Zerafa from bigger fights and a better payday overseas.

However, Zerafa is looking to make it a repeat. With much more on his mind this time around.

“You haven’t just denied me a world title fight, you’ve denied Australia a world title fight,” Zerafa said. “Now I can see why everyone hates you guys.”

Horn and his camp said his loss to Zerafa in Bendigo was due to a preparation period that wasn’t up to scratch, filled with “pizzas and drinking Coke.”

They are adamant Horn will enter the rematch with an ideal preparation under his belt, and both camps made sure to mention it on Thursday.

“Jeff only lost the fight through tiredness in the end, yes he made a mistake,” Rushton, Horn’s Trainer said. “He did underestimate Michael Zerafa in that fight. He didn’t put the work in, this time he has and we look forward to it.”

Despite Rushton attempting to explain himself and Horn’s situation, Zerafa wasn’t having any of it.

“It’s all a joke,” Zerafa said.

“There are always excuses. I’ve got footage, 24 hours to the last fight he was sitting there saying how strong he was, how fit he was … never felt better.

“Now what’s your excuse now? Your pizza? Really? You’re a former world champion you’re going to use your pizza?”

This fight is building up to have double the emotion, with much more to lose for both fighters. Horn will have the home crowd advantage, although don’t write off Zerafa’s steadily growing audience.

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